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Plans & Pricing

Perform security audits and increase your defenses
For Linux, macOS, and Unix-alike systems


Lynis is Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Install the tool via a package, tarball, GitHub, or otherwise.


Lynis Enterprise - SaaS or Self-Hosted

Leverage our online SaaS platform to get started quickly and reduce system management. Rather do the hosting yourself? Sure! Ask us for the requirements and pricing options.

SaaS Premium
Full package
$ 3 / system / month*
  • tickSecurity Auditing
  • tickDashboard and Reporting
  • tickImplementation Plan
  • tickHardening Advice
  • tickSystem integrity tests
  • tickIntrusion Detection
  • tickConfiguration Management
  • tickCompliance and Policies
  • tickProgramming Interface (API)

* Subscription period per year

Same as SaaS, for those with special needs
Customization options:
  • More than 100 systems?
  • Prefer a self-hosted version?
  • Managed service provider?
  • Performing 3rd party audits?
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Compare the benefits: Why upgrade to Lynis Enterprise?

I started using Lynis since the first releases and I have always been impressed by the consistency and the quality. I highly recommend companies to buy the commercial version.
NJ OUCHN - Organizer Black Hat Arsenal



How does renewal work?

After your order, a license key is created. By default, there is no auto-renewal, so you can always choose when to renew. Simply create a new order and we will process it.


What about security?

Data exchange occurs via encrypted connections (HTTPS). Credit card details are processed by a PCI compliant third party. More info »

Windows support

Does your solution work on Windows?

Our solution is specialized on Linux, Unix, and macOS. It makes us different than our competitors.

Can I try Lynis Enterprise first?

Sure, have a look at the demo page and request a trial.
why upgrade

Why would I upgrade to Enterprise?

Get access to the Enterprise functions, all plugins, support and guidance.
Exporting data

Can I export my data?

Yes, we have different formats to extract the data whenever you want.

cloud storage

What if I don't want to store my data in the cloud?

Sure, we understand that, and have alternatives available. Please contact us for the options (self-hosted/VPS/custom).

Something is not clear to me. Where can I get more information?

Questions are feedback for us! Go ahead and ask.