Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected common questions about our services and tools.


Where can I report a bug?

When you discovered an issue with Lynis, this can reported in two ways:
1. via, 2. as an issue on GitHub


How does a license renewal work?

When you want to renew a license of Lynis Enterprise, simply order again. If you already have a license, we will renew your current license code. This way no configuration changes are required on your end.


Lynis takes a long time to run. What can I do?

Use lynis audit system --debug --verbose to see which test is taking a long time. Consider disabling the particular test.

Does Lynis need root permissions?

Lynis does not need root permissions to run on a system. It will be able to run most of the tests as a non-privileged user. For the best audit results, we do recommend to use root permissions though. This can be achieved via sudo or switch to the root user.

Can Lynis create a HTML report?

The number of output formats is kept to a minimum. Each format would introduce overhead and therefore impact the performance of the tool. By default, there is a screen output and a data report in a key-value format.

If you like to have an HTML file of the screen output, run 'lynis audit system | ansi2html -la > report.html'. The ansi2html tool can be installed with your package manager (e.g. yum install python-ansi2html or apt install kbtin).

For a more in-depth report in HTML and other formats, there is also the Lynis Enterprise version. This web-based solution provides browsable data and export to CSV, JSON, PDF, and makes the data available via API.

Where are the Lynis profiles stored?

Lynis looks in a few directories, like /etc/lynis. The easiest way to discover what profiles Lynis discovered, is running: lynis show profiles

How often should I run Lynis on my system?

As security is an ongoing process, we suggest running Lynis daily. This can be done automatically via a scheduled cronjob.

How can I change the location of the Lynis report?

Run Lynis with --report-file /root/new-report.dat

How can I see the active settings of Lynis?

Use 'lynis show settings' to determine the combined settings of al discovered profiles.

Lynis Enterprise

Can I download or see the uploaded data from Lynis?

The data that is being uploaded by the Lynis client can be found in /var/log/lynis-report.dat. It contains the most important data parts found during the audit.

Can I host Lynis Enterprise on-premises?

Yes, we have a self-hosted version (on-premises) available. Companies who prefer to keep data internally, or have multiple business units, can leverage this option.

How to solve error "too_many_lines"?

Determine the related field that is causing this with awk -F= '{print $1}' /var/log/lynis-report.dat | sort | uniq -c | sort -b -n


Is Lynis really free?

Yes, it is really free to use. Also, it is open source and fairly easy to understand, as it is written in shell script. Have a look at the GitHub page to see how it works.


Where can I find up-to-date packages of Lynis?

Go to


How often is there a new release of Lynis?

Typically we release every few months a new version of Lynis. How in the meantime you can always check GitHub for the latest development version.

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