Lynis Enterprise (self-hosted version)

The End-User License Agreement (EULA) provide details and conditions of using our Enterprise software solution. It applies to the self-hosted installation and standalone software components.

Lynis Enterprise (SaaS version)

For users of the online service, the Terms of Services provide the details and conditions. It includes services like our SaaS platform, website, and other software components.

Lynis (Community and Client)

For the open source version of Lynis, the GPLv3 license applies. See the LICENSE file bundled with the download.


Security is more than just our business. We live according to the principles of it, being honest, keep information confidential. We do our best to keep our environment secure, while helping our customers to achieve the same. See how we are doing this, on our security page.


Privacy is often overlooked in this interconnected world. We believe it is important to protect your and our privacy. See our privacy policy for more details.