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Lynis Enterprise Suite

For Linux, UNIX, and macOS

Security Management made (much) easier

Digital attacks are a fact. Most companies don't know how to start improving their defenses. Lynis Enterprise helps.

One solution for UNIX, Linux and macOS: Continuous Audits, Vulnerability Assessments, and Security Monitoring.

Scalable and with focus on automation. No more boring tasks for you! Your manager and auditor will love you for it as well!

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Example: Vulnerability Management, Intrusion Detection and Monitoring

Linux/UNIX/OSX security auditing made simple. For system administrators, security professionals, and auditors.


Open source
With open source software components you can't go wrong. Thousands of companies already use our well-known tools.

Web based
The Lynis Enterprise solution uses common components, so it works on all Unix platforms. For the interface just a web browser is needed, no exotic plugins!


Clear overview
No more expensive software with too many options. The interface provides always a clear overview regarding the collected data.

User experience
All focus is on providing useful information. From the dashboard to reports, everything is written with user experience on the first place. In just a few clicks you have what you need!


Save time
Your job is already demanding a lot from you. Save time, as audits with Lynis Enterprise are done in minutes.

To the point
Our tools are written with user experience in mind. Get to your data, with as less clicks as possible.

Why Lynis Enterprise?

security auditing  In-depth security auditing and easy system hardening
used by many  Used by thousands of companies
specialized on Linux and Unix systems  Specialized in Linux and Unix, like:

  • Amazon Linux AMI
  • Debian, Ubuntu, Mint
  • CentOS, Fedora, Red Hat (RHEL)
  • FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD
  • AIX, HP-UX, Solaris
  • And more..

open source  Open Source Software components
software auditing  Supports also software auditing, like:

  • AIDE, Samhain, Tripwire
  • Apache, Nginx, Squid
  • Ansible, Cfengine, Chef, Puppet, and SaltStack
  • Exim, Postfix, Sendmail
  • BIND, OpenDNS, PowerDNS
  • MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL
  • OpenSSH and more


Measure security of systemsMeasure your security efforts
Don't guess about your security efforts. Run our software and we help you measuring your systems.

Security and system hardeningSecurity and system hardening
With the ready-to-use hardening snippets, increasing your defenses will be quick and easy.

Continuous security monitoringContinous security monitoring
Security is a process, that is why the solution keeps monitoring your environment.

Intrusion detectionDetect vulnerabilities before attackers do
Hacked systems take up a lot of your time. Avoid this by implementing the continuous auditing and intrusion detection modules.

Audit reportingAudit reporting and compliance
Define baselines and your compliance needs (e.g. HIPAA; GLBA; PCI-DSS; SOx) and stay compliant.

Vulnerability scanning, Hardening, Auditing

Security auditing for Unix/Linux

What is Lynis Enterprise Suite?

security auditingSecurity auditing
In-depth scanning of systems. Lynis goes where other tools stop.

vulnerability scanningVulnerability scanning
Discover and solve security weaknesses quickly.

system hardeningSystem hardening
Improve security defenses by implementing system hardening measures.

customized implementation planImplementation plan
Focus on your risks and efforts with our customized action plan.

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Auditing and hardening giving you a headache?

Lynis Enterprise Suite is here to help you!

Unsure about luring vulnerabilities in your environment? Don't know where to start with hardening? Want to know what vulnerabilities are the most serious? Tired of the many false positives from other tools?

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Lynis Enterprise Suite