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Download Lynis

1. Download Lynis

Lynis is a core component in the Lynis Enterprise Suite. Auditing with Lynis is easy and comprehensive. Best of all, it's free!

Download Lynis  Download
(Audit your system within 3 minutes)

Read Lynis documentation

2. Read Documentation

Great software comes with great documentation.

Get the most out of Lynis and Lynis Enterprise with our extensive documentation. Got still some questions? Sure, we also have support.

Run Lynis

3. Run Lynis

Results in just a few minutes? Yes, you don't have to be an expert to run Lynis.

Within minutes an in-depth scan of your system is performed. At the bottom you get a complete report with all findings and additional security tips. Simplify your work!

Upgrade to Lynis Enterprise

4. Go Enterprise

Be smart and automate: Lynis Enterprise helps you collect all data and create priority based improvement plan.

Have a look at our flexible and affordable pricing.

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