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Success Stories

Our solutions helped already many companies and inviduals. We are excited to share some of the stories from our customers.

Gabriel Gaitan of Domovida
“We were researching system hardening for Linux. With Lynis Enterprise, we found a great solution that makes work easy and reliable. This toolkit allows us to have much better control on the security of the systems. Especially those for our customers. The support offered by CISOfy has been excellent!”

John Spar, partner of Creative Roots, Inc
“Lynis is a great way to both quantify security risks within a Linux system and provide recommendations with where to start hardening. The world can use much more of these products. I will continue to use Lynis in my toolkit to help harden both my own and my client's systems.”

Customer from the US
“By using Lynis Enterprise we could easily secure the systems for our customers. Not only do we feel more safe, we can actually prove it as well now! The ease of use, quick support and extensive knowledge, provides us much more value than the pricing. We love it!”

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