Lynis security controls


INSE-8000Insecure servicesInstalled inetd package

This test determines if the inetd package is installed.

INSE-8002Insecure servicesStatus of inet daemon

This test determines if the inet daemon is active.

INSE-8006Insecure servicesInetd configuration

When inetd is not used in production, remove it all together, or make sure no entries can be started by accident.

INSE-8116Insecure servicesInsecure services enabled via xinetd

Discover the usage of insecure services via xinetd configuration.

INSE-8300Insecure servicesPresence of rsh client

This test determines if the rsh client tool is installed.

INSE-8302Insecure servicesPresence of rsh server

This test looks in the installed packages for the presence of the rsh server package.