Lynis and Lynis Enterprise compared

Comparison between Lynis and Lynis Enterprise
 Lynis Lynis Enterprise
RoleQuick security scan
  • Extensive security audit
  • Compliance check
  • System hardening
TargetSingle systemEnvironments with 10 or more systems
PlatformBSD, Linux, macOS, and othersBSD, Linux, macOS, and others
Open source componentsYesYes
Security Tests364 tests443 tests
Hardening snippetsNo hardening snippets Nohardening snippets Yes
  • Community plugins
  • Compliance
  • Docker
  • File Integrity
  • Systemd
More details
Compliancecompliance starcompliance starcompliance starcompliance starcompliance star
  • Limited support
compliance starcompliance starcompliance starcompliance starcompliance star

Supporting tests and reporting for:

  • ISO 27001
  • and others...
Linux compliance
  • Quick results, no installation needed
  • Powerful for single user
  • Free, open source
  • Affordable solution
  • Easy integration
  • Focused on automation
  • Extensive reporting
  • Additional support
  • Ready-to-use hardening snippets
  • Plugins for more in-depth system audits
  • Extensive tests of Lynis... and more!
  • Flexible pricing plans
  • Individual user
  • System engineers
  • Security professionals
  • Companies with 10+ systems
  • CISO / Security Manager
  • Security Professionals
  • IT Auditors
  • Penetration testers
  • System engineers
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